260 years of Sauer & Sohn

Founded in Suhl in 1751, J.P. Sauer & Sohn have been dedicated to the use of premium materials and outstanding quality.
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Ivythorn UK Master Dealer

The only official 'Sauer Master Dealer' in the UK, with 20 new Sauer rifles on continual display.
Please contact me if you would like to view the collection.

Steve Beaty

Test a Sauer here!

Demo guns are available to use on our own range. Contact Steve Beaty for an appointment.

  Sauer at IWA 2012

Ivythorn Sporting are the first official Sauer 'Master Dealer' for Great Britain, and have a continual display of 20 rifles in stock. From the utilitarian and hard-wearing classic XT, right up to the fabulous Avantgarde 'Grande Lux' (and most models in between!)

Significantly, our on-site range and Sauer test models mean you can try a Sauer for yourself...
Why not come and see why these rifles are so highly regarded, you'll be welcomed and well looked after.

Steve Beaty
Ivythorn Sporting.

Sauer rifles

Sauer rifles

High quality workmanship and enduring value is the key to the 260 years of J.P. Sauer & Sohn. The clear commitment to mechanical precision, uncompromising quality and timeless design has long outlived all ephemeral fashions and trends. At the same time, their modular system and the variety of models in the S 202, S 202 XT and S 202 Take Down series ensure that hunting weapons from Sauer are always built for the individual who uses them.

Your Sauer rifle versus the famous British weather. Let Ilaflon® set your mind at rest...

Ultimate rust protection is a standard feature thanks to the Ilaflon® coating of all steel parts. Ilaflon® stood up to a whole series of tests without failing – even salt-spray tests in line with official directives. The illustration shows a 48-hour test of Ilaflon® in salt water in comparison with blued steel and a block of rust-resistant stainless steel.

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