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Founded in Suhl in 1751, J.P. Sauer & Sohn have been dedicated to the use of premium materials and outstanding quality.
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Ivythorn UK Master Dealer

The only official 'Sauer Master Dealer' in the UK, with 20 new Sauer rifles on continual display.
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Steve Beaty

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Shotgun Model IX

Shotgun Model IX
Shotgun Model IX model details:
The future has a tradition: The parentage of the new Sauer & Sohn Model IX, a shotgun painstakingly handcrafted with a passion for details, lies in the historic XIV and VIII shotguns from the company’s Suhl era.

Heart of the construction is the famous “Kerner boxlock” featuring the above located, distinctive trigger bars for smoother trigger pull. The receiver is done from forged steel. The locking system works over the double underlug and the Greener-action while the ejectors are Holland & Holland-type. The steel-proofed Model IX is chambered for calibre 20/76 and offers a 71 cm barrel using quarter- and half-choke. Its English stock in wood grade 7 has a handmade checkering and is handpolished.

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