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Founded in Suhl in 1751, J.P. Sauer & Sohn have been dedicated to the use of premium materials and outstanding quality.
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Ivythorn UK Master Dealer

The only official 'Sauer Master Dealer' in the UK, with 20 new Sauer rifles on continual display.
Please contact me if you would like to view the collection.

Steve Beaty

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Demo guns are available to use on our own range. Contact Steve Beaty for an appointment.

  Sauer at IWA 2012

Combination Gun

Combination Gun
Combination Gun model details:
The ball-and-shot gun was formerly manufactured in limited numbers but was designed for anyone not prepared to forgot the elegance of a side-by-side. In the case of this new piece, particular attention was paid to the details, because, in addition to the features of the Model IX, it also has a 60-centimetre combination barrel with an express sight and a brass fore sight bead, a stock with a German cheek piece including a reproduction of the original pistol grip cap and a set trigger. Bigger side plates and interchangeable barrel sets are also available on request.

Calibres: 20/76 Magnum // 7x57 R, 7x65 R, 8x57 IRS, 9,3x74 R

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* Scopes for display purposes only.

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